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Athletic Training

At Hebron we are proud to offer a team of professional training specialists focused on the athletic health of our students.   

Our highly educated certified Athletic Trainers play an integral role in our school community by working in partnership with student-athletes, school nurses, physicians and other allied health professionals.

Athletic Trainers provide professional care for athletic injuries, provide early evaluation and intervention, offer prevention education, and develop and deliver appropriate treatment plans. They also provide medical referrals when needed.

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Athletic Training Certification & Recognition

Note for Visiting Teams

An ATC will be at all home contests and events. Our office is available for visiting teams and services as long as we are notified in advance. It’s recommended that all teams travel with appropriate supplies.

Office Hours

  • Monday 2:30-6:30
  • Tuesday, 2:30-6:30
  • Wednesday 12:30- 6:30
  • Thursday 2:30-6:30
  • Friday 2:30-6:30
  • Saturday 12:30 - 6:30

There may be some changes depending on season & game schedules. During the winter season the office is open until the end of evening practice or games.

Michaela  Despins Raymond

Michaela Despins Raymond

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