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Health, safety and care lie at the heart of our Responsible Campus Safety Plan - 'Hebron Ready'.We are committed to the ongoing development of a comprehensive reopening plan that is optimally informed and thoughtfully considered. Our planning and decision making has been informed by emerging public health data.

It is important to note that our campus safety plan is subject to changes as new information emerges relative to COVID-19 and changes in state and federal guidelines and mandates evolve.



Campus Safety & Operation

Plans, Procedures & Protocols


Our Proctors produced a helpful video with COVID health precautions for everyone to keep in mind as we prepare for our return to campus.

Many thanks to Olivia, Grace, Molly & Emmett!

Hebron Reopening Task Force Objectives

  • To develop a comprehensive reopening plan for the 2020-21 academic year that prioritizes the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and the greater community.

  • To develop and adapt programming to meet the holistic needs of our student body and ensure an optimal educational experience during this unique and challenging time. 

Our Guiding Principles


Adapted from Sustaining Higher Education and Sustaining Maine: A Framework for Reopening Maine’s Colleges and Universities in Fall 2020.

~  Learning Wherever You Are  ~

Hebron will offer a hybrid educational model for the 2020-21 school year that provides an on-campus experience (boarding and day) and a robust learning program (online) for students delayed or restricted by travel or who prefer to begin the year online.


Distance Learning / Hybrid Model

Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs will be updated as more information becomes available and as additional questions are received.

Hebron is a special place...

We are looking outward and forward to the future with our #LumberjacksReunited on the Hebron campus. We can't wait to see you in the fall!

Questions or Concerns?

Everyone's situation is different and you may have very specific questions about how this plan affects your child.

Please feel free to contact us - we're here to help.

Contact us

We will share regular updates in Hebron Connected and Hebron Awaits bi-weekly newsletters.

Look for the Campus Reopening icon.

Reopening Subcommittees & Objectives

First page of the PDF file: ISANNE_COVID_Reopen_Plan

We're all in this together...

Hebron Academy has been working in close partnerships with our peer schools as we plan our campus reopening. As a member of the Independent Schools Association of Northern New England (ISANNE), we worked collaboratively on a reopening framework that reflects our schools’ shared commitments, yet it also allows that “one size does not fit all.”

Please click on the image to the left to view the full ISANNE Reopening Framework.