2015-2016 Proctors

By: Hebron Academy

Jose Carlos Berdeja

From: Cahautitan, Mexico
Activities: football, music, Heebeegeebees and chorus
He wants to be a proctor because "Hebron has done so much for me that I feel it is my turn to give back".           

Nico George

From: Roseville, CA
Activities: He says he attempts to do hockey and baseball, but is also a member of the Ping Pong club
He likes the close-knit and open-minded atmosphere here at Hebron.          

Gabe Zornik

From: Oviedo, FL
Activities: football, hockey and lacrosse              

Maoze Wang

From: Beijing, China
Activities: football, basketball, track and field, math team and engineering club
He says that last year's proctors helped him a lot and now he wants to help new students join the community easily.          

Darby Tuttle

From: Minot, ME
Activities: soccer, orchestra, jazz band, jazz combo, and co-editor of the Hebron Review Magazine
She loves the tight-knit community at Hebron and wanted to become a proctor so she could be an even bigger part and influence at the school.          

Owen Richmond

From: Mason Township
Activities: cross country, hockey and lacrosse
He loves Hebron because there is never a dull moment and says that as a proctor he wants to help others the way Hebron has helped him.          

Kiana Melvin

From: Lewiston, ME
Activities: soccer, hockey, lacrosse and drama
Her favorite thing about Hebron is the chance to meet a diverse group of people.                

Nic Legare

From: Quebec, Canada
Activities: football, basketball and track and field              

Danny Lassman

From: Parkland, FL
Activities: Squash Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, FCA and hockey
He says the close connections in the small community of Hebron are how he "was able to settle in and get comfortable my first year at Hebron."          

Riley Hemmings

From: Hebron, ME
Activities: art, photography, soccer and softball
She wanted to become a proctor so that she "could help and be there for people when they need it, whether they just need someone to talk to or they need help carrying out an idea."          

Sophie Gibson

From: West Hartford, Connecticut
Activities: soccer, basketball, tennis, rock-climbing, Community Service Club and choir
Her favorite thing about Hebron Academy is that because it is such a small school, she's able to become friends with almost everyone on campus. She wanted to be a proctor because she wants to have the opportunity to make the school the best it can be.         

Shangyuan Cui

From: China
Activities: created the Chinese club, soccer and tennis
He loves to share all things Chinese with his fellow students here and to celebrate Chinese culture. He looks to bring this work as a proctor. In his words, he wants to "bring the whole community closer."          

Ryan Boucher

From: Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Activities: football, hockey and baseball
His favorite part of Hebron is living in the dorm. "Meeting new kids and creating special relationships with others makes me feel like I have a second family; nothing is better than living in the dorm."          

Shubham Bodke

From: Mumbai, India Activities: soccer, track and field, and One Act plays He says his favorite part about the school is "the close relation between students and faculty members." He wants to be a proctor to lead the school by example and set high standards for upcoming seniors and underclassmen.
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