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Bedard Pharmacy for Prescriptions

Bedard Pharmacy for Prescriptions

Hebron Health Services utilizes a local pharmacy, Bedard, to fill all prescriptions for students.  We ask that all parents who have a student on a prescription medication have their provider utilize Bedard’s.  We do this for several reasons.

We manage on an average day over 40 prescriptions.  That means we have to administer, count and securely store all the medication, plus make sure refills are ordered and arrive in a timely manner so that a student does not miss a dose.  We need medications packaged for easy administration, monitoring and for storage, which means your student's medication does not come in a bottle, it comes packaged individually or in a blister pack.

In order to do this efficiently so that the nurses have more time to care for your student, using one pharmacy is key.  We have a working relationship with them, they deliver daily to us (including Saturday) and they also track when refills are needed to ensure your student will not miss their medication.  We also cannot accept medications you mail to us - medications have to come to us directly from a pharmacy.  And mediation of any type, whether it is a prescription, over the counter or supplement, can never be sent directly to your student.

Bedard’s Pharmacy is located in Auburn and locally owned.  They work with other schools and congregate living settings and understand the needs of a congregate living setting.  They accept almost all insurances and will work with you and the health center to fill any prescriptions.  Your provider can call, fax or electronically (preferred) send any prescription to them as long as they have a license to practice in the US.  Their contact information is below.

Bedard Pharmacy
359 Minot Ave
Auburn, ME  0421
207-333-3269 (fax)

It is a good idea to contact them prior to your student's arrival and set up an account. Please give your student’s provider their information for all refills.  They can even send the prescription ahead of your student's arrival so we have it and there is no need for you to bring it.

If you are bringing a prescription, please do not bring more than 30 days worth with you for the transition to Bedard’s.  All refills will then be filled at Bedard’s.  If your student is an international student and their provider does not hold a US license, please reach out to the Health Center so we can facilitate our school doctors filling your student's prescription for the year.

If you wish Bedard’s can also refill any supplements your student needs.  You can contact them or let us know to refill the supplement for you.  If that is the case, we can let you know how the charges will be handled.

Please remember your student may not have any prescription medication in their room or on their person at school except approved EpiPens, inhalers, and topical medications.  They may also never possess any over-the-counter medication.  Please read the Community Handbook when it is published in early August to understand the school policy.  Please email any questions to the health center you may have.