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Community Life at Hebron

Community Life at Hebron

Community Life is one of the most important aspects of what we do at Hebron Academy, and we love it!

Hello! I'm Trevor H. Paul, the Director of Community Life at Hebron Academy. I also teach English literature and coach JV boys soccer and varsity boys hockey. I live in Halford Dorm with my wife, Molly, and our son, Caleb. Most of my downtime at Hebron is spent playing board or video games, often with our students. I also write fantasy novels and have published two so far, with a third on the way soon. My favorite thing about Hebron is engaging with our students in activities I love or learning something new that they can teach me to enjoy. Whether it is activities on campus or off, having meaningful and enjoyable things for our students and staff to do together is critical to the Hebron experience.

So, you may be wondering how this whole process actually works...

The Community Life Team meets each week to plan the events for the upcoming week and into the future. The team is made up of several Hebron faculty, the weekend team, and typically a student Proctor or two. The group considers the season, what’s happening in the area, traditions, activities proposed by members of the school community and then we start to plan! 
In a typical week, a Community Life team member introduces the coming weekend's events at a morning meeting, usually by Wednesday of the week. A Google Form is then shared with students to sign up for the activities available (though many events do not require sign-ups at all). Then, come Friday, lists for off-campus trips are posted and people meet at the departing location (often Sturtevant Home) to go on the trips they signed up for. If a trip is very popular, we start a wait-list and/or shift faculty in order to accommodate as many students as are interested!

Join a Sunday River Ski Trip, take surfing lessons, attend a Bates A Capella Showcase, or...any number of things!

Community Life events are critical to building bonds between students and faculty. As much as you will enjoy your Biology, History, or English class (I teach English!), we believe that Community Life is valuable and makes great friendships and memories! We are always looking for new and different ideas every year that will engage members of the community.

Have you got an idea for a fun Community Life event? Email Mr. Paul at and let's see if we can keep finding new things to do together!