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Course Request Are Ready

Course Request Are Ready

Grades 9 - PG Course Requests on myHebron!

As Dean of Academics, part of my job is to help students plan courses for the upcoming school year.  Students coming into the 9th grade take specific required courses, which are designed to teach 9th graders to be strong students and future leaders of our school while learning important life skills.  Transfer students in grades 10 - PG may have already met some of Hebron Academy’s graduation requirements, so course requests are based on previous transcripts.

You can find your tentative course list by logging onto myHebron and clicking on course request tab where you will then see your selected courses in the right column.


The minimum number of courses a student can have is five (not including chorus or orchestra).  Students in Academic Guidance take five courses with Academic Guidance as their sixth.  Ninth grade students who are in Academic Guidance wait until 10th grade before beginning their language course.  In general, students take five core courses (non-arts courses) and choose an art as the sixth course.  However, there are some exceptions to that depending on the student.

If you notice that there are no courses (or very few)  under your course request tab, that is most likely because I am missing important information to choose your courses such as not receiving either a necessary transcript or international student completion of  the Duolingo or math placement testing.  Information for placement testing can also be found on the Parents Resources board.  It may also be that there are a couple slots open for you to choose electives.  There are many interesting electives available, and you can see them listed in the Course Catalogue.  If you have questions regarding your courses, you may email me directly, but please make sure to see the Parents Resources board first, as you may find the answer you’re looking for.

If you have not done so already, please make sure to have your official transcripts (translated if necessary) sent to the Registrar’s office here at Hebron, including courses finished in the spring of 2021.  Also, by logging onto myHebron and clicking on the Resources tab then Parents Resources, you will find information to help you begin at Hebron as well as for the year.   You should also begin checking messages in myHebron, as you will not receive a Hebron Academy email address until registration and I may need to contact students during the course scheduling process regarding course changes.

Course schedules will be completed and on myHebron in mid-August, so keep an eye out in an upcoming Hebron Awaits newsletter for further information.  Textbook information will also be available at that time.

I look forward to meeting you soon, and we are delighted that you are joining us!