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Reminder: Course Selection and English and Math Placement Tests

Reminder: Course Selection and English and Math Placement Tests

Course Selection

The courses for grades 6 - 8 are a set curriculum, so there is no choice in courses.  For grades 9 - PG, once your final transcripts are received, the Dean of Academics can begin the process of proposing your course selection for Hebron.  Course selection depends on many factors.  Previous courses completed, prerequisites, past performance, interest of the student, and college goals will be taken into consideration when determining courses for the fall.  Here is a link to this year’s Course Catalogue.  Students are encouraged to speak with others--teachers, parents, and college counselors--for guidance.  Once the Dean of Academics finishes a proposed course request list, she will enter it on myHebron and communicate with the family.  Final schedules and textbook information are available in August.

Math, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and language classes are proficiency-placement based.  For example, if Algebra 1 was completed in middle school, ninth graders typically begin with geometry.  All new international students are tested for English proficiency to determine math or ESOL course levels.  Click here for proficiency testing  information.  We must receive these results before doing course selection and scheduling.

English Proficiency Testing (all grades)

All new international students whose first language is NOT English, including students from Quebec, are required to take an English placement test over the summer. This helps to ensure each student is placed in the appropriate English class and receives the support they need when they arrive on campus.  Note that even students who attend English-speaking schools are still required to take the English proficiency test if their first language is not English.

International students whose first language is NOT English are required to take the Duolingo English Placement test and have the results sent to Hebron Academy prior to July 1.  Please watch this helpful video to understand how to take the test. The test costs $49, paid directly to Duolingo. Once you receive the results of your test, you will simply log back into the Duolingo test site to send them to us (here is a link on how to send your results to us). If you have questions about the test, you can find Duolingo FAQs here.

If a problem occurs while taking the Duolingo test, please contact to receive immediate assistance.  Provide them with your full name and Duolingo login email address.

For students who have already taken the Duolingo placement test prior to committing to Hebron, or if you have sent a PDF of your results, please log back in to your Duolingo account and have the test results sent to us via your Duolingo account.  There is an interview piece that we can access only if your results are sent to us via Duolingo.

If you have any questions, please contact Travis Gaug, Chair of the ESOL Department.

Math Placement Testing, grades 9 - PG only

In addition, all new international students in grades 9 through PG are required to take a math placement test over the summer. This test is used to gauge each student's previous understanding of mathematics so we can place them in the math class they are best suited for.

The math placement test will be administered over Zoom June 28 and July 21.  Note that this test is required for all new international students and provides valuable information about each individual student.  Please complete this form to indicate which dates work for you and to tell us a little more about your student's previous math experience.  If you have any questions, please contact Emily Bonis, math department chair.  New international students who have missed any of the previous math placement tests will be tested upon arrival to school.

Please note that course selection may be affected by the results of math and language placement testing.