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Covid 19-Updates for Student Arrival

Covid 19-Updates for Student Arrival

We are looking forward to having our Lumberjacks back on campus.  While we are still in the pandemic, being a fully vaccinated community helps as we plan for arrival and gives us more options moving into the school year.  We want our community healthy, active and on campus, in person, for all the fun.

Here are some important updates for arrival

  • We are a mask optional campus- if you feel more comfortable masking, that is  your choice

  • Everyone should have a supply of disposable masks just in case.  While we hope to not mandate masking, we do not have a crystal ball and never know when masking will be mandated by a local government, the state or the US government.  Disposable surgical masks (the blue ones) or a KN95 are best.

  • On the day of arrival to campus, all students need to test at home with a rapid antigen test.  They are readily available in any drug store and also can be ordered free online in many states. 

    • Please send a picture of the test to with your student's full name included.

    • If your student tests positive, please email us for instructions

  • If you are planning to help your student move in, we also ask you to test before coming to campus with a rapid antigen test.

    • If you test positive, please email us so further instructions

  • Please be sure your student's departure plan is in place.

Thank you for helping make the first days of of the 22/23 school year a huge success.