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Reminder: ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) Department Updates

International Students

All new international students, including students from Quebec, are required to take an English placement test over the summer. This helps to ensure each student is placed in the appropriate English class and receives the support they need when they arrive on campus.

New International students whose first language is NOT English are required to take the Duolingo English Placement test and have the results sent to Hebron Academy. Returning students are welcome to take the test if they wish to do so.  Please watch this helpful video to understand how to take the test. The test costs $49, paid directly to Duolingo. Once you receive the results of your test, you will simply log back into the Duolingo test site to send them to us (here is a link on how to send your results to us). If you have questions about the test, you can find Duolingo FAQs here.