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Fall Sports Packing List

Fall Sports Packing List

Please see the fall after-school activities packing list and come to campus with these items to ensure you are ready to participate in your sport or activity. If you do not bring the items necessary to participate in an activity, you will miss valuable time at the start of the year as you wait for those items to get shipped to campus. Make sure you come prepared and ready to contribute to the sport or activity of your choosing!

General packing list

  • Athletic clothing (sports are always 5 days per week and sometimes 6, you’ll need enough clothing for the amount of practices/games you’ll have). Make sure to include layers such as long sleeve shirts, workout pants, windbreakers, and warm jackets. It will be in the 40s/50s for most of October and November.
  • Athletic shoes (cleats are required for football and soccer in the fall, baseball, lacrosse, and softball in the spring). You should also have sneakers for indoor use of the weight room and courts in the Williams Center. If you compete in Field Hockey, Football or Lacrosse, you should bring turf cleats/shoes. You will practice and play on a turf field.
  • Gym bag/drawstring bag (not essential, but recommended). Helps organize athletic clothing and equipment for practices and games.
  • Water Bottle (we have a water filter at the entrance of the weight room as you walk into the Williams Center).

Field Hockey

  • Stick (hip bone height or 1-2" shorter ideally)
  • Shin guards (either of the field hockey styles is fine)
  • Mouth guard
  • Goggles
  • Black compression shorts (to wear under uniform kilt)
  • REQUIRED - Sneakers or cleats or turf shoes (whatever is most comfortable)

Cross Country

  • REQUIRED - Running shoes
  • Athletic shoes for indoor use


  • Sneakers for indoor use
  • REQUIRED - Turf cleats
  • REQUIRED - Regular screw in or molded cleats for grass
  • Gloves (WR, RB, LB, OL)


  • REQUIRED - Cleats for outdoor use (must be soccer specific)
  • Sneakers for indoor use
  • REQUIRED - Shin guards
  • Soccer socks


  • REQUIRED - Golf clubs
  • REQUIRED - Golf Bag
  • Golf shoes
  • Khaki pants
  • Khaki shorts
  • Golf polos
  • Hats

Mountain Biking

  • REQUIRED - Mountain Bike
  • REQUIRED - Bike helmet

Outdoor Education

  • REQUIRED - Hiking/Athletic shoes
  • Outdoor clothing including shirts, shorts, long-sleeve shirts, and pants