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Reminder: HAMS Start of School Updates

Reminder: HAMS Start of School Updates

HAMS Summer Reading:

Summer is in full swing, and we hope students are finding some time for reading! In case anyone missed it, the HAMS summer reading list (and embedded log) is here -  2022 HAMS summer Reading

8th Grade world Language Choice:

We are pleased to announce that 8th grade students will be able to choose between French and Spanish for their world language option. Students should fill out this form, 8th Grade World Language choice which will go to Mr. Brouwer. We will do our best to give students their first choice.

School Supplies:

To help students and families prepare for the start of the school year, we have created a HAMS 2022 suggested school supplies list. Please note that there is no need to buy a great deal of supplies before school starts. Each teacher will let their students know what specific supplies they will need for each of their classes during the first week of school.

Opening days:

Though there still quite a bit of time before the start of school, we thought it would be helpful to for everyone to know the opening dates. These are also on the 2022-2023 school calendar which is here - Hebron Academy School Calendar 2022-2023. More information about these days (such as times, locations, what to bring, etc.) will be provided later in August.

Opening of school schedule:

Friday, 9/2 - Boarding students arrive
Saturday, 9/3 - All - school registration - all middle and upper school students.
Sunday, 9/4 - Class trips/opening convocation - all students.
Monday, 9/5 - Orientation, classes and athletics begin - all students.