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Hebron Academy Health Services Information

Hebron Academy Health Services Information

Hello from the Hebron Academy Health Center.  I hope everyone is enjoying  their summer break.   I am Deb Traub, the Director of Health Services for Hebron Academy.  I oversee the health and counseling centers and support our athletic trainer.  This will be my third year at Hebron Academy.

The health center in a boarding school runs very differently than one at a day school.  Because of students on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  we need to provide care around the clock.  We do that by having hours during the week and weekend that we are open and staffed and by taking call when the health center is not open.  A nurse is available on call 24 hours a day when students are in residence on campus for faculty to consult with when needed.

The health center is centrally located in Sturtevant Home across from the dining room.  Our hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 AM-6:30 PM, Saturday, Sunday and school holidays 10:30 AM-12:30 PM.  We are closed on school breaks but our email is always monitored if you have questions.

When not open, there is a nurse on call to answer any needs.  If a student needs care after hours, they reach out to their dorm faculty or the Administrator on Duty and they will contact the nurse on call.

The health center is staffed by three full time and three per diem nurses.  The combined experience of my staff is amazing- they come from pediatric specialty backgrounds, emergency room experience, intensive care experience, psychiatric nursing experience, obstetric and gynecology experience and  many years of school nursing experience.  We actively work with and support the Dean of Students, the Dean of Residential Life, AGC, the Athletic Department, our counselors and our medical director  to provide comprehensive health care for all our students.

Daily we administer medications, provide treatment for minor illness and injuries, monitor any student on concussion protocol in coordination with our athletic trainer and their advisor, coordinate outside and telehealth appointments, provide health guidance and teaching, do testing including for COVID19, draw labs, administer vaccines, and coordinate care with our medical director.  We communicate with dorm faculty about evening medications and care. While we are still in the pandemic, we coordinate off campus isolation for positive students, plan surveillance testing when needed and keep current to provide guidelines when needed.

Twice a week our school doctor holds clinics on campus for any student that we have assessed and believe should be seen.

A few things to remember as you plan for your student's arrival in the fall

  • All prescription medications are given in the health center- a student may not possess a medication without permission from the Director of Health Services

  • All prescriptions must be filled by our school pharmacy, Bedards.

  • No student may have any type of over the counter medication in their room or on their person. All supplements must have approval of the health center for a student to possess.  That includes workout supplements.

  • Any student who is not well enough to make it to class must be in the health center.  Students cannot rest in their rooms during classes, commitments or after school activities.  To be excused , they must be in the health center.  If your student reaches out to you to tell you they do not feel well, encourage them to go to the health center so we can care for them.  Often there is only one nurse on duty and they cannot attend to a student in their room.

  • All requirements in Magnus must be completed before your student arrives on campus.

You can reach the health center at 207-966-5247 or by email at . You can reach me at 207-966-5218 or