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Reminder: Information about Prescription Medication

Reminder: Information about Prescription Medication

All students who take medication requiring a prescription, including naturopathic medications, EpiPens, and inhalers, must have a Prescription Medication Form completed by the prescribing provider and in place in their Magnus requirements prior to arrival on campus.  Every mediation must be checked into the health center when your student arrives.

All medications are held and dispensed from the health center, which is on the ground floor of Sturtevant Dorm, next to the dining room.  Students may not have their medication in their room or carry them unless approved by the health center staff.

All refills must be filled through our school pharmacy, Bedard’s. Their information is found below. No more than 30 days of medication can be sent with a student. We do not have storage space and cannot hold more than a month’s worth of a student's medication at any one time.  We will return or dispose of any extra medication sent.

We cannot accept prescriptions sent in the mail or hand delivered. At the beginning of the school year, please have your provider send all prescriptions to Bedard. Please do not send more than 30 days of a prescription medication with your student to begin the year if there will be a transition from your pharmacy to Bedard.

You may never ship any type of medication, over the counter medication or supplement to your student and they may not order them online to be shipped to themselves.

If the prescribing provider does not have a license to practice in the US, we ask the provider to provide all pertinent student medical records so that our school physicians or a local healthcare provider may follow and prescribe for your student while they are in our care.  

Immediate family members may not prescribe medication or provide treatment for a student. 

If you have a day student, please alert the health center staff of any medication they are taking, so we are aware in case of an emergency or possible interactions with any OTC.

Students are responsible for coming to the health center to take their medication.We will collect their cell phone numbers at registration to use text messages as reminders.  We will also send email reminders, but we ask your student to plan their day and remember to come for their medication.

Students are responsible to take their prescribed medication only as directed and are never permitted to share medication with another student.

When the Health Center is closed or when a student is off-campus for a school activity, medication will be administered by the dorm faculty, teacher, or coach responsible for their care, under the direction of the nursing staff. All faculty undergo annual medication administration training.  As with the medication taken in the health center, it is the student's responsibility to connect with the faculty on duty in their dorm or on their trip to plan a time for the administration.

All prescribed medications will be filled by the school pharmacy, Bedard Pharmacy. Their contact information is included below. Please contact them directly to set up an account and provide your insurance information to them. Arrange with your prescribing provider to fill all prescriptions through them while your student is on campus. Electronic prescriptions are preferred.

Bedard Pharmacy
359 Minot Ave
Auburn, ME  0421
207-333-3269 (fax)