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Introduction to College Counseling

Introduction to College Counseling

Hello and welcome to Hebron! My name is Mr. Barr and I am the Director of College Counseling here at Hebron Academy.

I have been fortunate to have worked on both sides of the desk, in high school college counseling as well as college admissions, for the past 14+ years. I am excited to be home in New England working with students and parents throughout the college process at a place like Hebron that prides itself on the strength of its community.

At the core of every successful college counseling office is the ability to build, maintain, and thrive on the relationships that are built with students, parents, and college admissions officers. Our office emphasizes trust, accessibility and open lines of communication as all three college counselors live right on campus ensuring that we are readily available to form strong relationships and really get to know the students we work with. My team ensures each student's college process focuses on the personalized and individualized college counseling approach with the hallmark of "match matters most" when helping students navigate the college process.

Hebron's college counselors:

  • empower students to take ownership of their college selection process through individual meetings with their counselor, completing self-reflection assignments through YouScience, utilizing the SCOIR virtual college planning system, and visiting college campuses.
  • support and guide students so they are able to create a well-balanced list of colleges and universities.  
  • assists students in assembling a compelling application that accurately conveys their character, personality, and strengths.  

The College Counseling Office helps students explore all options for education after Hebron. As part of our commitment to helping students find the right college fit, an individualized college counseling approach is used. Students will have individual meetings with a member of the college counseling team to discuss their interests and help them navigate the college process. These college counseling meetings begin in the winter of the junior year and continue through senior year; however, students and parents are welcome to seek advice at any time during the student’s high school career.

I look forward to meeting you! In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions.

Danny Barr
Director of College Couseling