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Introduction to Fall Athletics: Meet Soccer Coach Hanby

Introduction to Fall Athletics: Meet Soccer Coach Hanby

Over the course of the summer Hebron Awaits newsletters, we will be introducing you to Head Coaches of our Fall after-school teams and activities. This week, please meet Coach Meredith, Girls' Soccer Coach.

Hello, Lumberjacks! 

My name is Meredith Hanby and I am the head coach of Girls' Soccer. I also teach history in the Middle and Upper School and live in Halford Dorm. I am excited to meet you all and officially welcome you to Hebron.

As we all know, this year will be uniquely challenging on many levels and I hope that our season will still provide opportunities for team-building, skill development, competition, and fun. Preparations for the school year are in full force and as you start to envision your arrival and your participation in soccer and other activities, I encourage you to prepare for the season, both physically and mentally. I am including a training packet that includes a warm-up and cool-down protocol, a series of strength and conditioning workouts, speed and endurance workouts, a variety of soccer drills, and recommendations for how to structure your training for the weeks to come. Please be sure to watch the tutorial video that is also included so that you are familiar with the exercises listed in the packet. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, or even if you would just like to introduce yourself. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and I will see you soon. 

Coach Hanby

Watch a Video Message from Coach Hanby

Hebron Soccer Summer Workouts

Watch the Soccer Summer Training Tutorial Video