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Introduction to the Counseling Center

Introduction to the Counseling Center

Hebron is fortunate to have a Counseling Center staffed with two full-time licensed clinical social workers who are available during the school day to provide short-term supportive counseling and wellness education for our students. Our school counselors provide wellness workshops and individual coaching to support healthy sleep, nutrition for mood and mental performance, technology wellness, substance use prevention, healthy relationships, and more. Hebron’s school counselors are culturally competent and are strong allies to LGBTQ+ students and their families. 

Amanda Miller has been working in the school-based counseling field (public and private schools, day treatment, and university mental health) for 20 years. She is dedicated to expanding social-emotional learning and health and wellness education at Hebron. She focuses on a holistic approach to wellness including mindfulness-based stress management and integrative mental health.

Tobie Feigenbaum has nearly 20 years of school counseling experience, as well as experience in therapeutic wilderness programming and residential summer camps.   

In addition to our School Counselors, Hebron contracts with local agencies to provide in-school outpatient individual and family therapy, skills groups, substance use counseling, and medication management through our contracted adolescent psychiatrist. Our counseling team routinely coordinates care with parents and any home-based mental health providers. They are happy to support the scheduling of any telehealth appointments through the privacy of our Community Provider Room in our Counseling Center.  

Students can self-refer for school counseling, or may be referred by a teacher, peer, or parents. When feasible, we partner with parents in making referrals to any outside providers.  On-call counseling support is available after-hours for any urgent student mental health needs.  

For more information about Hebron’s Counseling Center, please contact our counselors at