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Magnus Training #3

Magnus Training #3

We understand there are times when your student needs an over-the-counter (OTC) medication and it might seem handy for them to have it available in their room.  However, we ask you not to send any OTC with your student, as it is against the rules for them to keep in their room or on their person.  We would like all OTC given from the health center or by the trained dorm faculty who can contact the nurse on call.  That way we are aware of all medication given and if your student needs any follow-up or additional care.

Hebron Academy Health Center stocks the following OTC for all students:

Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil), Naproxen sodium (Aleve), Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol), Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia), dextromethorphan (Delsyn), diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Calcium carbonate antacid tablets (Tums) Cetirizine (Zyrtec), Pseudoephedrine, Loratadine (Claritin), Meclizine (Dramamine), Mucinex, Mucinex DM, Loperamide (Imodium), Midol, cough drops, Cepacol lozenges, Dulcolax, Famotidine, phenylephrine, topical antibiotic ointment, Vaseline, zinc oxide, burn spray, tiger balm, Tucks medicated cooling pads, Compound W, Aquaphor, saline eyewash, Visine, insect repellent, sunscreen, carbamide peroxide ear drops

You will see this list in the requirements for approval to dispense OTC medications.  This is an e-sign document.  If your student is allergic to any of these medications, be sure to note that in their assessment and in the Vital Health Records and we will make a note in their Magnus not to administer it.  This requirement is due by July 2.

Supplements, including vitamins, must have an authorization filled out and signed by you and your student.  The form is in Magnus in the requirements for you. Please print it out and bring it to campus filled out and signed, one per supplement. If you want your student to take a supplement, bring it, along with this form, to the health center for review. Please read the updated Community Handbook when it is published this summer so you know all the guidelines.

Every prescription medication, including topical, naturopathic, EpiPens, and inhalers, requires a prescription form to be filled out, signed, and submitted by the provider who prescribes it.  This includes naturopathic medications as well.  The prescription form is found in requirements and you will upload all forms there.  One form per medication.  The guidelines for prescription medications and naturopathic can be found in the updated Community Handbook this summer.  All prescription forms are due by August 1.  Throughout the year, if your student has a change in medication or has a medication added, you will need this form to be filled out and sent to us.