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Making Your Course Selections

Making Your Course Selections

Now that the school year has ended, it is time to plan for your academic future at Hebron Academy! 

Course Selection at Hebron

Once your final transcripts are received, the Dean of Academics can begin the process of proposing your course selection at Hebron.  Course selection depends on many factors. Previous courses completed, prerequisites, past performance, interests of the student, and college goals will be taken into consideration when determining courses for the fall.  

Below are sample course schedules for each grade- by no means applicable to all.  Students are encouraged to speak with teachers, parents, and college counselors for guidance. You may even reach out to the Academic Dean’s office or College Counseling office at Hebron for additional advice. 

Math, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and language classes are proficiency-placement based.  For example, if Algebra 1 was completed in middle school, freshmen typically begin with geometry.  All new international students are tested for proficiency upon arrival in the fall to determine math, ESOL or language course levels.

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Sample course schedules for each grade:

Humanities English
Humanities History
Conceptual Physics
Math (placement based)
World Language (placement based)
Studio Art 2D (optional)

World Literature (regular or honors)
World History (regular or honors) | elective
Chemistry (regular, honors, or AP)
Math (placement based)
World Language (placement based)
Arts | Elective

American Literature (regular, honors, or AP)
US History (regular, honors, or AP)
Biology (regular, honors, or AP)
Math (placement based)
World Language (placement based)
Arts |  Elective

British Literature (regular, honors or AP comparative  literature)
History | elective
Physics (regular or AP) | elective
Math (placement based)
World Language (placement based)
Arts | elective

Post Graduate
PG English or AP Comparative Literature 
Math |Electives included Economics, AP or Financial Math 
Science | Elective including EDIE Pathway
History or Social Science Elective 
Elective across disciplines 

ESOL  (placement based)
Foundations → Advanced → Critical Reading, Writing, & Discussion → Mainstreamed Courses
ESOL classes are also available in History and Science