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Reminder: Medical Forms and Requirements Due this Summer

Reminder: Medical Forms and Requirements Due this Summer

To our new Lumberjacks and their families, welcome to the Hebron Academy community! Summer is a busy time as you prepare for your student's arrival on campus and enjoy your time with them.  It is also a time to complete all the medical requirements for your Lumberjack.  

For our returning Lumberjacks and their families, the end of the school year and graduation are so close.  The whole community looks forward to summer and a little free time.  While  you enjoy your summer with your Lumberjack, please remember every returning student must have a parent or guardian complete all their medical requirements over the summer.  

The health center, counselors and athletic trainer use an electronic medical record system called Magnus.  We use this system to store all medical records and consents, document care and have permissions in place for each student.  Every summer, as long as your student attends Hebron Academy, you will need to go in and fill out or update the requirements needed to give quality care while they reside on campus.

We ask you to complete them yearly for several reasons.  First, they are medical-legal documents and in order to be current, they need to be updated each year.  Second, your student is still growing and changing in many ways so in order to provide the best care possible while they are on campus, we ask you to update each requirement every year. 

There are 20 requirements but not every student will need all of them filled out and all but 8 can be done online.  The first deadline for a requirement is June 15, the next set will be due July 1 and all requirements must be completed by August 1.

Requirements will be open to parents to begin completing them on June 1.  When you go through the 22/23 All Student Checklist,  you will see the Magnus requirements listed.  It will give you a link to log in.  There is also a link to a  brief description of each and what is needed.  It is important that you read through and understand each requirement as some will need a provider signature. I would advise you read through the instructions now before the link opens.  I will also post the information in the next Hebron Connected newsletter.

The link for login can also be found in myHebron under Parent Resource on June 1st.  If you have forgotten your login information, MyHebron will prompt you to reset  your password.  If you continue to have problems, please reach out to and The health center cannot rest your login or password for you.

Requirements cannot be completed offline or printed and sent to the health center.  Please complete them online or upload any document needed. There is no printed option for documents that need to be completed and signed online.  If you cannot upload a document, there is a fax option right in the requirement you can utilize. Please do not fax a document to the health center or to admissions.

Please understand we do need all requirements completed for your student before they arrive on campus.  It is so we have a full idea of their medical needs, have permission forms and consents in place and can best care for them from day one.

Please send any questions to  Please include your student's full name in the email.  Thank you.