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Pre-Arrival Information for Students Ineligible for Vaccination (under age 12)

Pre-Arrival Information for Students Ineligible for Vaccination (under age 12)

To protect the other unvaccinated students and the community at large, we are asking those students who are ineligible to obtain vaccination due to age constraints (under 12 years of age) to engage in a two week quarantine prior to arrival on campus for registration day on August 29th. Therefore, all students who are under the age of 12 who cannot be vaccinated must begin quarantine at home starting on August 15.

An at-home quarantine is defined by the following expectations of students:

  • Avoid all unmasked interactions with anyone outside of their immediate family group (the people you live with).  

  • Minimize masked interactions with those outside of your household to the lowest tolerable level (e.g., essential medical appointments) 

  • Avoid engaging in any group activities or in high density places or large group settings (e.g., restaurants, shopping, sports activities, etc.) 

  • Mask at all times when outside of the home 

We also ask the students’ unvaccinated family members to avoid high risk activities (e.g., in-person dining, engaging in large crowds, using public transportation) while their student is in quarantine.

We are additionally requiring all students who are ineligible to vaccinate to obtain a PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival on registration day (August 29th). Our Student Health Center is offering testing to students at a cost of $75 per test. Our Health Services Team will reach out directly to vaccine ineligible students’ families later in the summer to check-in regarding these logistics and to inquire as to whether you need assistance in obtaining testing. Please note that these students must continue to remain in quarantine until Registration Day (August 29th), even after they receive a negative PCR result.

Additional information will be forthcoming regarding additional steps we are taking to protect the health and safety of those students who are ineligible for vaccination, as well as the requests we will be making of them to, again, ensure the health and safety of all within our community. 

Please reach out to Director of Health Services, Deb Traub, with any questions.