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Reminder: What is myHebron?

Reminder: What is myHebron?

We call Hebron Academy’s LMS (Learning Management System) “myHebron”, and it is the place where parents and students can log into the school, see student progress, view school information and connect with the Hebron Academy community. The system is hosted by a company called Blackbaud, and that company is imposing new login and password requirements. These new requirements will provide greater security for all user data. In the next several weeks, we will be sending out instructional emails to parents to help them with this transition. The entire process should take about five to ten minutes to complete.

Both parents and students have independent myHebron accounts, but these accounts are linked. This way, parents can log into their accounts to view their student's status, manage file & form submissions, see classroom activities, and monitor class progress. Students will log into their own accounts to do daily schoolwork, connect with other members of the Hebron community, receive notifications, follow teams, etc.

What’s New?

User names must now be valid, and unique, email addresses. If your myHebron user name is already your email address, then there will be no user name change. However, if your myHebron user name is your first name + last name, such as “JohnSmith”, it will be replaced with a complete email address, such as “”. When the time comes, you will be sent an email notification with your new user name and instructions on how to complete the conversion process.

If there is not a valid, and unique, email address associated with each user in the family, we will attempt to reach out to the family to collect missing addresses. Each login will require their own email address, so those that are missing will be unable to log into the system.

How Do I Use myHebron?

You can access myHebron through our website via the link at the top right of the homepage called MYHEBRON.  Once logged in for the first time, a message will appear introducing some of the features of myHebron. You can also access this information any time by selecting “Getting Started” after clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page.

During the summer, there is important information that is posted on the Parents’ Resources Board, which is accessed by clicking on Resources along the grey bar at the top after you log onto myHebron.

The Parents Resources Board contains information such as:

  • Calendar

  • Directions

  • Community Handbook

  • Health Center information

  • College Counseling information

  • Summer School Work

  • Course Catalogue

  • International Student Testing Information

Additionally, there will be some forms to complete. These will show as a notification across the top of the myHebron screen. Many of these forms are very simple, and quick to complete, so don't be intimidated! We will be sending out email notifications to the parents to make sure that everything is submitted in time for students to arrive in the fall.

Initial class scheduling will be made over the summer. Please note that final class enrollments may be affected by placement exams or by academic staff assessment, and may change through the first weeks of classes.

If you have any troubles logging into your myHebron account, please reach out to or for assistance. Thanks!