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2022 - 2023 Student Checklists are Live!

2022 - 2023 Student Checklists are Live!

Summer time! A time for fun, sun and SCHOOL FORMS!!!

Each year, Hebron Academy collects forms from all of the student families who will attend the school in the fall. This year we are introducing a new way of collecting that information - the Student Checklists!

When you log into your myHebron account, you may see a yellow banner across the top of the page saying, "You have X Forms to Review | 1/2 Checklist(s) to Review". All you need to do is click on both of those links, and you should see a tidy list of items to work through.

Many of the forms are very quick, requiring only a digital signature, or a few clicks to let us know about your student. Some of the forms will require more attention, such as the medical forms.

Things to note about these forms and checklists - once one parent or student submits the form, it's done! Nobody else needs to complete it again. However, if you want to change your response, that can either be done through the myHebron account or just contact and we'll reset the form so you may resubmit. No problem!

Forms to note:

The medical forms are very important and have their own database called "Magnus". Those forms are stored outside of myHebron primarily because the information is highly confidential. You will find a link through the checklist that will take you to the Magnus site and allow you to work through the forms there. Additionally, there are instructions on the checklist to assist with the Magnus forms and walk you through the entire process. (I recommend printing those out ahead of time so you can see how to handle each form.)

​Ski permission forms should be completed by everyone, even if your student is only going to ski recreationally. We will take many trips to the mountains, and we want each student to have the opportunity to enjoy the slopes, on skis or snowboards.

The Thanksgiving break layover form lets us know if your student intends to stay on campus during the Thanksgiving break (classes finish on Nov 22, and resume on Nov 28). There is an $85USD/day fee associated with staying over. Stay tuned for details and activities for this event!

If your student is a boarding student, then you'll also see a link to the laundry service provider. Once you go to their website, just select the Hebron Academy school and proceed through their menu system to complete registration.​

There are some other items on this list that include uploading a current photo, letting us know how to pronounce your name, selecting your sports of choice, etc. Just work your way through the checklist and the forms, and if we need anything else, the school will reach out.

If you have any troubles or questions concerning either logging into your myHebron account, the checklists, or submitting online forms, please, please, please!!! Don't hesitate to ask! Just shoot us an email at: and we'll do our best to help out!

* If you had already filled out some of these forms, and now show up on your list, they will need to be completed again. Again, reach out with any questions!