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Reminder: Student Supplements

Reminder: Student Supplements

As you complete all requirements in Magnus, you will have seen a form for any supplements you may wish your student to bring to school.  We ask that if they are going to take a supplement- vitamins,minerals, protein supplements, work out electrolytes, work out drinks or powders, etc - that you fill out the form and upload it to the requirement.  We do this to be certain we understand your students' needs and so that we look for any  interactions with other medication or reactions.

When your student arrives on campus, please have them immediately bring the supplement to the student health center on the ground floor of Sturtevent dorm.  It is best to put it in a baggie labeled with their name on it.  Have it easily accessible so they can pull it out before they move into their room.  Label each container with their name as well.

We will match the supplements they bring with the form.  Once we have checked it in we can decide if the supplement can be kept with the student in their room.  In most cases, that is what will happen.  

We will allow 30 days worth at a time in their room.  Please don't send multiple months worth as we do not have the space to store it for the student.  You can send refills directly to the health center  or order them from our pharmacy Bedard’s. You may not send refills to the student and they may not order them to be sent to themselves or buy them when shopping.

Please don't send any supplements that are candy or gummy like- those will not be allowed in a student room. Please remind your student to never share a supplement with another student.  Be sure to read the section in the Community Handbook on supplements when it is published this month.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, Deb Traub