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Reminder: Student Vaccine Cards Information

Reminder: Student Vaccine Cards Information

Your student's COVID-19 vaccine card is a very important, hard to replace document.  Many will need it to travel and I anticipate in the near future most of us might use it for that purpose.

We want to ensure they have it to travel home, so we ask you to do the following:

  1. For boarding students, make two copies of the card.  Keep one at home with you and have your student carry the copy with them.  It is best to pack the copy in a carry on separate from the original.

  2. For day students, be sure to make a copy to keep at home.  There is probably no need for your student to carry it with them daily, so keeping it home is the best course of action.

  3. We do not recommend you laminate the card but you might want to find a way to protect it in a plastic, removable cover.

  4. You may want to find out how to replace a lost card.

On arrival, the health center table at registration will collect all boarding student’s vaccine card for safe keeping.  Please stop by the table or remind your student to stop by and drop it off.

When they need it, we will have  a sign out procedure and time for pick up.  Be sure as it comes closer to travel home, you watch for the procedure on how it will be done.