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Summer Coursework

Summer Coursework

All-School Read

Each year, the entire school community chooses a book to read over the summer and then participates in the all-school book club discussions during our first Saturday Event in the fall.  Book choices are chosen by the school community during the spring to be read over the summer.  Choices this year are Us Against You, Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, Just Mercy, and Roughhouse Friday. You can read more about the all-school read options here.

AP and Honors Summer Coursework

Those who are planning to take AP courses (or Honors Comp Lit) have additional summer work to do to get ready for the new school year! You can see information for any of the AP or Honors courses that have summer work by visiting the Parents’ Resources board on myHebron:

  • Log on to myHebron
  • Click on Resources
  • Click on Parent Resources
  • See the summer coursework under AP/Honors Summer Coursework