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Summer Magnus Updated

Summer Magnus Updated

Happy Friday!

I hope summer is going well for all our families.  The campus is so very empty without our students but I am sure you are happy to have them home.

To all our incoming students and families, welcome.

The Health and Wellness newsletter will run every two weeks on Fridays throughout the summer.  It will contain introductions to all the members of our team- counseling, health center, and athletic training.  We will include helpful information for the fall as well as important health information for you and your student.

I wanted today to go over the Magnus requirements.  You have all received the email reminders from Magnus- don’t panic.  There was a small glitch in the system saying they were past due.  We are trying to remedy that, but in the meantime, look over all the requirements and become familiar with what is needed.  Some are as simple as read and e-sign.  Some require you to download, fill out the form and then upload it to the Magnus requirement.  Others you fill out right in Magnus.  And a few need your student's primary provider to fill out, sign and then you upload.

Please watch the helpful video on how to get to your Magnus account produced by the Admissions Department.  You were sent your username and password to your myHebron account after you signed your contract for admission- look for an email from Edwin Nunez or the admissions department to find it. If you have forgotten your username or password, please reach out to Heidi Collins at and she can help you.

Helpful Video

When you first access Magnus through myHebron there is a great tutorial video - don’t skip over it, the information it contains will help you a lot.

Here are a few important items you should remember:

  1. ALL requirements must be done and approved by the time your student arrives on campus in August.

  2. All students need an annual health assessment (physical) done by their primary care provider (PCP) each year.  Please only use the form provided in Magnus.  If your student had a physical in the last 9 months, your student’s PCP can fill it out and date for the day the exam was.  Your student will need a new physical within a month of that date.  Please be sure your student's PCP fills out every part of the physical form, answers every question, and puts in the date of the exam and the date they filled out and signed the form.

  3. Please do not upload pictures of documents - use a PDF format.  If you are having trouble uploading you can fax requirements to the number provided in each requirement.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at or