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Welcome New Lumberjacks from Admissions

Welcome New Lumberjacks from Admissions

Dear Future Lumberjacks,

Congratulations on your enrollment at Hebron Academy! Welcome to this supportive and inclusive community of experiential learning.  I cannot wait to start a new academic year together.

I write to share my thoughts with you about the community you are about to enter, and the journey you are set to begin.

As you start navigating through “Hebron Awaits,” selecting your courses and thinking about what to pack for next fall, I want to encourage you to consider how you will use your time here.  What new adventures will you embark on? What new interests will you explore? What will you share of yourself with our community?

With a new place comes an opportunity for a fresh start, for reinvention, for growth, and for possibility.  I hope you will take advantage of this chance to get out of your comfort zone, push beyond where you thought your limits were, and surprise yourself with what you are capable of. At Hebron Academy, you will write your own story, and in the process, you will help write the next chapter of Hebron’s story as well.

Next September 2, you will enter a community that is engaged, supportive and passionate about you! We will be there to support you every step of the way in this process of finding what makes you thrive, what makes you grow as an individual. We look forward to seeing you achieve whatever goals you set, and we are excited to stand next to you on this new journey.

As we continue to seek new ways to bring our community together this summer, we will be using “Hebron Awaits” and social media—including Instagram, our welcome page, and our facebook group—to facilitate communication with the Hebron community. Keep an eye on us there to get a glimpse of the community that will be waiting eagerly for your arrival! And as always, we are here to help with anything you need.

Once again, congratulations and welcome to Hebron Academy.

Edwin Núñez
Director of Admission and Financial Aid