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What does Fully Vaccinated Mean?

What does Fully Vaccinated Mean?

I thought it best to explain what fully vaccinated means.

The CDC and public health experts have looked at all the data from vaccinations and along with the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines, determine that to reach full efficacy, a person needs to reach two weeks after their second dose of vaccine.  In the case of one dose vaccines, that is two weeks after the vaccine is given.

Pfizer vaccine, the only vaccine approved for anyone under the age of 18 by both the WHO and the FDA, requires two doses three weeks apart.  So the whole vaccination process to reach fully vaccinated is a 5-week duration.  Here is what it looks like:

Day 1 - first dose of Pfizer

Day 21 - second dose of Pfizer

Day 35- fully vaccinated

In order to protect the community, we need all members fully vaccinated when they come to campus on August 28 or undergo a school monitored quarantine and testing to determine they are not infected before coming in contact with the rest of the community.  Please remember we are in a congregate living setting in which infections can spread rapidly.  It would be a shame for a student to arrive only to be sent off campus into isolation after contracting COVID 19 from another community member.

A fully vaccinated student is one who has had their second dose no later than August 14.  We cannot make exceptions to this guideline.  Please reach me with any questions and be sure to let me know if your student will be an early arrival so you have all the information you and your student needs and we can plan for their arrival.