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What is myHebron?

What is myHebron?

myHebron is the schools learning management system. Some useful information you will find within myHebron throughout the year includes class schedules, report cards, attendance reports, school calendars, travel information, and much more.  Here is what you need to know about it right now.

All new students’ usernames have been reset to the student's year of graduation followed by last name and first initial. All passwords have been reset to Jacks1804. For example, if my name is John Smith and I graduate in 2023, this is how I would log in:

Username:  23smithj

Password:  Jacks1804

For parents, please use the following:

Username:  FirstLast (example:  JohnSmith)

Password:  hebron

Once you log on for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.  If you have any questions regarding the login process, please contact Heidi Collins.

You can access myHebron through our website via the link at the top right of the homepage called MYHEBRON.  Once logged in for the first time, a message will appear introducing some of the features of myHebron. You can also access this information any time by selecting “Getting Started” after clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page.

During the summer, there is important information that is posted on the Parents’ Resources Board, which is accessed by clicking on Recourses along the grey bar at the top after you log onto myHebron.

The Parents Resources Board contains information such as:

  • Calendar

  • Directions

  • Community Handbook

  • Health Center information

  • College Counseling information

  • Summer School Work

  • Course Catalogue

Over the summer, there will be two places on myHebron to check regularly - the Resources Board and Messages. Communication from the Dean of Academics regarding class schedules and other academic information will be shared via the Messages feature during the summer until the student arrives and receives their Hebron Academy email.  Student schedules will be completed in August and subsequently published on myHebron.

For international students, math and English assessment results conducted during the beginning weeks of school may result in schedule changes, and we do not recommend textbook ordering until schedules are confirmed. Faculty advisors will help students with the book ordering process once final schedules are confirmed after arrival. 

We hope you find myHebron a helpful tool and if you have any questions, please contact Christine Hemmings, Dean of Academics, for help accessing myHebron or questions regarding class scheduling.