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Boarding Student January Drop Off Logistics

Boarding Student January Drop Off Logistics

All boarding students have a scheduled time to arrive. Please do everything you can to arrive during your scheduled time.

If you need to confirm or change your time, please contact Amo Weld at

Drop off should take approximately 20 minutes!

  1. The Admissions Office is Welcome Central. Jack the Lumberjack will be waiting for you. Pull into the parking lot - masks on, please!
  2. First Checkpoint: Meet the Administrator faculty to check you in.
  3. Second Checkpoint: Students are directed to arrival testing at our Atwood Health Center. Please stay inside your car.
  4. Third Checkpoint: Students finish testing and are directed to their dormitory! There you will find the help you need to carry the luggage to your room. Parents, please stay in your cars.
  5. At the dorm, students will meet their dorm parents and move in. Orientation schedule and quarantine begins.

Please help us to keep the community safe.

  • Masks on
  • Stay in the car
    • Exceptions:
      • To use the restroom
      • To give your student goodbye hugs!
  • Don't forget a phone charger