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College Deposit Day May 1, 2021

College Deposit Day May 1, 2021

Hi, Class of 2021,

We are 1 day away from May 1st, the national deposit deadline for choosing the college/university you are going to attend!

A couple of reminders:

1) You may only submit a deposit at ONE college/university by May 1. You may not send in more than one deposit/enrollment form. 

2) You must email me once you have decided where you are going to deposit by May 1st since your final transcript needs to be sent from Hebron to that college/university where you will be attending. If the final transcript is not sent in a timely fashion, you will not be able to officially enroll and will not be able to sign up for orientation or classes. Please don't forget to let me know where you are enrolling once you decide.

Mr. Barr