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Grades are Now Live on MyHebron

Grades are Now Live on MyHebron

Grades are now LIVE on MyHebron

At the start of the year, it is a Hebron tradition to give students a little leeway as they transition back into the school year. Classes are challenging, new relationships are forming between student and teacher, and habits are re-asserting themselves around homework and bedtime. Therefore, we do not post grades live through the Learning Management System (LMS), MyHebron. 

Now that add-drop is over and students are settled into sports and class routines, we have made grades and comments on individual student assignments visible in MyHebron. In advisory yesterday, students learned how to access their assignment grades and comments by looking at their Progress tabs. It is good practice for students to look at their grades in MyHebron weekly, particularly because teachers are leaving comments on their progress. 

Parents can also access their children’s progress in classes. It is our recommendation that parents check grades every week or two. When you have a question about a particular grade, ask your student first before reaching out to the teacher. Your child’s teacher or advisor may also periodically contact you with information about a grade or trend that they are observing here at school. 

In order to view your student’s grades and comments, 

  1. Log in to MyHebron (if you need help with this step, please reach out to Mr. Andrew Crofton at

  2. Select your child’s name in the upper left corner of the screen. 

  3. You should see your child’s Progress tab. Scroll up to view each class in alphabetical order. 

  4. Select the “See grade detail” button to see an overview of each class, including a bar graph of assignment grades and, below, details from each assignment including teacher comments.