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Graduation Health Center Guidelines

Graduation Health Center Guidelines

Dear guests of the class of 2021,

We are excited to welcome you to campus for our in-person Commencement ceremony. It has been a long school year, but the community has worked hard to stay healthy. Just a few short months ago we were not sure that an in-person ceremony would be possible, but with our adherence to our health and safety guidelines, surveillance testing, the beginning of vaccinations and the community’s hard work, we are able to make this goal a reality.

We decided that the multi-layered approach we have used all year to keep our community open was the best method to use to keep graduation safe and to ensure that the graduates and their guests return home safely. The infection rates have not dropped - in fact, they remain high in our greater community. Travel also carries a high risk of possible infection. The vaccination rate nationwide is only at 35%, and vaccination by itself does not definitively prevent individuals from contracting and passing along the virus. All these reasons factored in to asking everyone, no matter what their vaccination status is, to test 72 hours prior to graduation and then again the day before.

As a reminder, please arrange for your nasopharyngeal or mid turbinate PCR test within 72 hours of graduation. Please do not schedule a self-test if you can avoid it. We will need the results before you can attend commencement. You may send those results to Please be sure it is a clear copy, has your full name, birth date, date of test and results on it.

Once you have tested, please avoid as much contact with anyone outside your family unit as possible. I know this may be difficult when traveling, but please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and plan your travel to limit contact when possible. For example, please avoid eating in public while traveling, as it carries a high risk of transmission.

We will test you again on May 14 on campus. If you have not received a confirmation of your on-campus testing time, please email me. At that time you will also complete a screening. Once both your negative PCR is received and you have a negative test with us, you will be given your ticket to Commencement. Please continue to limit contact with others from that point until the ceremony is over.

When you arrive for Commencement, you will be screened again and have your temperature taken, just as our in-person learners have been screened on campus on a daily basis.  I know you want to greet other parents and congratulate the graduates, but please do so while socially distancing and please keep your mask on at all times.

Thank you for your help and cooperation with all these layers. The Hebron Academy community appreciates your effort in keeping graduation safe and ensuring that our guests and graduates return home healthy.

Deb Traub, RN BSN
Director of Health Services
Hebron Academy