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Halford Dorm Traditions

Halford Dorm Traditions

In previous years, Halford Dorm was a place filled with rich traditions passed down over the years. Some of the most famous included international dinners filled with cuisines from around the world, monthly birthday celebrations, and door decorating competitions. Unfortunately, many of these traditions have been put on hold or altered to be in accordance with Hebron’s Covid Health and Safety Protocol. Something that Covid’s Health and Safety Protocol has created is strong communities within the dormitory, on each floor.

In years past we have been one big family living under one roof. Because of this, students have made connections throughout the dorm, not specifically on their floor. This year, students on each floor gather three times per week with their advisors. These frequent meetings have developed close relationships and strong bonds, which continue back on the floor in the dorm. Similar to the houses, we have started running cohort competitions to bring these close groups together for the common good: cleanliness, fun and entertainment, and the good of others.

Students in the cohort feel an allegiance and work together as a team to earn prizes and recognition, which has brought a lot of fun to our residential experience. The goal in Halford Dorm has always been to build a familial environment, but this year, we have come to realize the power and connection that could come from cultivating smaller communities within the larger family unit.

Ms. Molly Paul

Head of Halford Dormitory