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Health and Wellness Parent Connections- November 3

Health and Wellness Parent Connections- November 3

In co-advisory next week, students will engage in a social emotional learning workshop through our partnership with the Core Project.  

The upcoming SEL topic for Upper School is “Challenge by Choice”. The objective of this lesson is to help students freely embrace challenges and understand how they produce grit. They will deepen their skillsets in self-management and responsible decision making.  During the activity students will be guided to achieve the following outcomes: 

  •  Explore the meaning and value of grit. 

  •  Rate their personal ability to take on challenges and work hard

  •  Practice developing grit by applying more effort to a daily task.

The middle school’s upcoming SEL curriculum is “Facing Challenges”.  The goal of this co-advisory activity is to help students embrace a problem-solving mindset.

Facing challenges requires problem solving, which is an essential skill that is fostered by a healthy attitude. How we look at and approach problems is just as important as the skills it takes to face and overcome them. Once the proper attitude is in place, we can become open to possibilities. We can analyze, find, and implement solutions. It’s that simple! Not always, however. Realistically not all problems are the same, and the magnitude of what some students are facing can’t be solved in the classroom. They can be addressed and softened, however. A healthy mindset sprinkled with a little grit can help students face even the most difficult problems. (Core Message, The CoreProject)