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It's Time for your Flu Shot!

It's Time for your Flu Shot!

Now that is fall, we spend more time indoors. We have already spread a cold through the community - flu season has not started yet.  We were lucky last year- with everyone masking, distancing, and handwashing, and limited sports, there was not a chance for the flu to spread.  That will not be the case this year.

As you all know, the flu looks like COVID. We will treat the symptoms like they could be COVID.   And even once we determine it is the flu, a student with the flu will need to isolate off campus until better.  At breaks, when students depart campus and return, especially after winter break, we often see the flu come to campus and spread.

The best way to keep the whole community healthy and school running is to get a flu vaccine this fall.  If you did not sign the consent in the Magnus requirements for your student, you can go back in and sign it now.  I know many day students go to their primary provider, but feel free to sign them up as well.  For the flu vaccine to be most effective it should be given by November 1.

Vaccines this year will come from the Maine Immunization Program and be free to any student under the age of 19.  We will offer the flu mist- the nasal spray- to any student who is eligible.  Please note, it is not recommended for any student who has asthma. For those students and for any student whose parent requests it, we have the injection option.   

We will be running several clinics so it will be easy for your Lumberjack to get the vaccine while on campus.  Please watch for dates and time and remind your student they are signed up and the importance of receiving the vaccine.

If you have questions, please contact Deb Traub.  Happy, Healthy Fall!