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Lumberjack Voices-Winter in Maine

Lumberjack Voices-Winter in Maine

By Kaila Mank ‘21

Listen closely. Winters here. The first flakes fall to the ground, soon covering the last of the fallen leaves

and the bare trees. Icicles form on limbs and eaves waiting for the brisk winds to knock them down. As the snow falls the children play, building a snowman, sledding, and skating all day. Maine invites its winters here, so the brightness of the lights may appear. In the untouched fresh snow, the dogs jump head first into a snowbank, unsure what to expect, as the coco is waiting near. The snowman stood still, watching, waiting for the kids to appear. Maine has a special place for winter in everyone's hearts and you will never be able to forget what you experience here. 

Living in Maine my entire life, I would never trade my favorite season of Winter for a sunny day in Florida. From the excitement of the first snow to the hot cocoa smell as soon as you walk in the house from a brisk negative day. I would never pass up the snowball fights or the sledding races as time passes with nothing to worry about. The simplicity of winter in Maine is what makes it so special. Something as simple as taking a walk down the road to see the glistening houses and what the beautiful untouched snow has to bring. Huddling in your house with your family and friends is what makes it so special. There is no worry other than who will make the biggest snowman. Winter in Maine brings joy, excitement, and laughter that will forever be remembered. Whether it is your first time ever seeing snow or it is your eighteenth year, every year is different and every year brings new, although cold, unforgettable memories. No matter how cold, snowy, or icy, there is never a dull moment of a winter in Maine!