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Reminder: Over the Counter Medication Policy

Reminder: Over the Counter Medication Policy

Please remember- do not send any type of over the counter medication with your student to school.  

We ask that all students see the health center or ask a dorm faculty for any OTC medications, including Advil, Tylenol, and any cold medications.  If your student has them in their room, please ask them to turn them in to their dorm faculty on arrival. 

To clarify, an OTC is considered any non-prescription medication including acetaminophen, ibuprofen, pain medication, allergy medication, or cold medication in any form. 

Please turn them in no later than January 20th, to avoid disciplinary action.  

Please note that a nurse is always available for your student, even when the health centers are closed. 

As a point of further clarification, students who self administer OTC medication and then pursue treatment at the Health Center run the risk of receiving excessive and unsafe dosing should they subsequently obtain additional medication from nursing staff who are unaware of the self-administered medication. Students who self administer OTC medication also run the risk of forgoing necessary nursing check-ins to evaluate the symptoms for which the student is self-medicating. In times of COVID, failing to report symptoms to nursing staff could result in serious consequences that threaten the health and safety of the entire school community. 

Day Students

We ask that day students not carry any OTC  with them on campus at any time for any reason. They may also go to Sturtevant Health Center for any health or well-being needs they have.  If your day student requires a prescription medication taken while on campus, we require a completed prescription medication form, even for a short term medication, such as an antibiotic.  These forms are available on Magnus. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Health Center for assistance in accessing these forms or should you have any further questions. 

Please contact Deb Traub, Director of Health Services, at with any questions.