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Quarantine Reminders: Boarding Students

Quarantine Reminders: Boarding Students

Our health team offers important reminders for our boarding students' return to campus.

Your at-home quarantine begins this Friday or Saturday- 14 days prior to your arrival on campus.  

  • That means no contact with anyone outside your immediate family unit (the people you live with).  
  • Always wear a mask outside your home.  
  • No activities that would mean coming in contact with crowds- please do not go to gyms, ski areas, shopping, or inside dining.  
  • Please do not visit other households.  
  • Please follow all health and safety guidelines.

Pre-arrival testing must be done within 5 days of your arrival on campus.  

  • Send the results to  
  • No student will be allowed on campus without a negative pre-arrival test.  
  • All pre-arrival testing should be a PCR. We will not accept any other test, including a rapid test.

Arrival testing will be done immediately when you arrive on campus.  

  • All testing is done at the Atwood Health Center.  
  • If you are traveling by car, watch for instructions on arriving at campus, testing, and dorm drop off.

If you have not filled out your transportation form please do so ASAP here.

After testing, you will go to your dorm and begin quarantine in your room until your cohort is released.

  • Hopefully, that will be 2-3 days after your arrival.

During your on-campus quarantine please follow all health and safety guidelines and follow all directions given to you by faculty and staff.

  • Please remember, any violation of quarantine may result in your quarantine being extended, having to quarantine in Atwood Health Center, and extending the quarantine of any student you come in close contact with.
  • Your second test will be done 8 days after your arrival testing.  
    • You will test with your cohort on Sunday,  Jan. 24.  

Please note: If you arrive on January 17, your test will be delayed.  We will notify you by email on when your test will be.

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