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Reminder: HAMS Winter Sports and Activities

Reminder: HAMS Winter Sports and Activities

With the soccer season over, it is time to turn our attention to the winter sports/activities season.

We hope to offer four options for HAMS students: 

  • Skiing (alpine and nordic) / snowboarding
    • Alpine skiing and snowboarding at Lost Valley
    • Nordic skiing on campus
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Drama

Students have been sent a survey asking which activities they would like to participate in. Skiing/snowboarding, basketball, and drama will begin when we resume in-person classes in February, while hockey will begin in November. 

Ned Newell will be coaching the MS hockey team and he passed along this information:
If there are kids who would like to play, their parents will have to go to the SMMSHL website and register for the Oxford Hills/Hebron team. They will need a USA hockey number in order to register. The team consists of grades 6-8.  They will play 8 games, mainly out of the Falmouth rink. The season is supposed to start around 11/8.  The students who are attending school in-person will only be able to participate during the time they are on break/distance learning which is from 11/20/20 to 2/1/2021. There will not be practices.

Ned can be reached at or 207-232-6193