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Returning Day Students

Returning Day Students

With the spring trimester fast approaching, if any day students, both upper and HAMS, wish to return to in person, a 14 day quarantine and testing is required after being remote.  Please notify the Hebron Academy Health Services as well as Admissions prior to March 1st.

Quarantine will need to begin on Monday, March 8 and a PCR test must be done that day.  We can test your student on campus if you choose.  If not, the test must be a nasopharyngeal PCR.  Please send results to once you have them.

Your student will need to retest at 8 days (Tuesday, March 16). Those results can also be sent to the above email address or we can test your student on campus.

Quarantine consists of no outside contact with anyone outside the immediate family and no travel outside the state.  All social and health guidelines must be followed.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at