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Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break

For those parents that indicated that your student would like to stay at Hebron Academy over the Thanksgiving Break: Please remember that we are currently in the process of collecting those fees, as this will help us to confirm the final headcount, and allow us to coordinate appropriate staffing.

If you still want your student to spend their break at Hebron, please send the payment to our business office no later than Tuesday, October 12th.  You can make the payment through the student's personal account at Hebron, or you can send the payment through a wire transfer to your student's account. Please email Tausha McAllister ( if you have any questions regarding the Thanksgiving fee payment.

As a reminder, we will be offering one off-campus trip/activity each day. Examples of these activities are: a day trip to Boston, visiting the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor, shopping in North Conway, several opportunities to experience Maine in the fall, and a family style Thanksgiving dinner with Ms. Warner and Mr. Nunez.  Students will have the opportunity to sign up for whichever trips interest them the most. Please keep in mind that there could be an additional fee associated with some of the trips. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, there is always something for which to be thankful, and in our case, we are thankful for this opportunity to spend this meaningful holiday with all of you.