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Time to Get Your Flu Shot!

Time to Get Your Flu Shot!

We have received our flu vaccine and will begin vaccination clinics in the next week-students who have been signed up through Magnus will receive an email when to come- please remind your student it is important to come get the vaccine. All students except those who have asthma will receive the flu mist - that is it is given nasally not by injection.  Any student who has asthma may not receive the flu mist and will receive the injection (which we have as well)

The vaccine is free for any student under the age of 19.

We will gladly vaccinate day students as well.

I cannot stress how important, especially during a pandemic, having your student vaccinated against the flu is. Living and going to school in a boarding school setting only increases the chance of spread once a student has contracted it.  The flu will look like COVID so any students with symptoms may need to quarantine away from school until a diagnosis is made- and even then a student with the flu cannot rejoin the community until they are better.

If you did not sign the form giving consent to vaccinate your Lumberjack but would like us to, please send an email to and we can send you the consent.

We will only be vaccinated for the next few weeks so it is important to sign up now and to encourage your student to come and put it off.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.