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Winterlude Week is Coming!

We are so excited to start our 2022 Winterlude this coming Monday.  The students will be enjoying different activities throughout the week to explore education and adventure in different settings.  Our options vary from skiing in different Maine Mountains to exploring the world of Broadway in New York. 

Spring Break Travel Form

Please fill out the Spring Break Travel form to indicate your travel plans for the upcoming break. As a reminder, students are able to leave campus on March 2nd (after their final obligation) and March 3rd.

 Winterlude is Coming! Please Sign Your Student Up TODAY!

This year's Winterlude will take place from January 24th to January 26th. During Winterlude, rather than attending classes, students will explore one or two activities or interests in depth. This is an opportunity for them to dive deep into a passion they already had, pick up a new skill, or learn about something they've never studied before. 

Student COVID Vaccine Booster Update

Students 16 and older are now eligible for a booster to their COVID vaccine.  They may receive the booster 6 months after their second dose of the first vaccines.  While your student is home, we encourage you to take them to receive a booster if they qualify.

Winter Wellness at Hebron and While at Home for the Holidays

At Hebron Academy, we support student wellness:  mind, body, and spirit.   We are aware of the continued trend of teens using electronic nicotine devices (ENDS) also known as vapes, vape-pens, Juuls, and electronic cigarettes or "e-cigs".  99% of these products contain nicotine, which is highly addictive for teens.  Disposable varieties are most popular because fruit and candy-flavored e-juice is still legal with disposable devices.

Please Book Your Spring Break Flights Now!

Coordinating travel is difficult enough as it is, but once you add Covid into the mix, things get even trickier. We've noticed that students who wait to book their flights are having trouble finding flights on the appropriate travel days. We therefore ask that families please book their students' spring break travel as soon as possible. A few guidelines:

All-School Book Club

This year's Hebron All-School Book Club will take place on Saturday, January 8. Students, faculty, and staff will meet that morning to have cozy group conversations do and fun activities about this year’s titles.

Class of 2022 Winter Break Reminders

Congratulations on working so hard over the past couple of months to send out applications! You have now submitted 331 applications to 185 different colleges.

College Planning for the Class of 2023

It was wonderful to meet with the Class of 2023 for the first time this week. Following winter break, juniors will receive a link to their SCOIR account which will let them start adding colleges to their research list and to complete the “College Questionnaire for Juniors.

 PSAT and SAT Testing

Your October 2021 PSAT scores are now available. To access these scores, log into CollegeBoard and either sign into your existing account or choose "Create an Account." 

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