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Care & Support

Student Health & Wellness 

Hebron has a supportive Student Health Team who attend to the health and well-being of our students by encouraging them to reach their highest potential through mind, body, and spirit. We have an observant and nurturing staff who recognize the medical and emotional needs of our students and who offer 24-hour support.

The Student Health Team consists of Registered Nurses, the Director of Mental Health and Wellness, and a School Counselor. The Health Center partners with family practice physicians who evaluate sick and injured students twice a week in the Health Center for no added fee.

Off-campus appointments are arranged by the Student Health Center and transportation is provided for a fee to all specialized services such as dentists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, physical therapists, and psychiatrists. 

Services Provided

Illness & Injury

Students who are sick or injured and are unable to attend classes must report to the Student Health Center for evaluation and treatment. Students are expected to stay in the Health Center to rest and recover during the academic and athletic day. Day students who become ill during the school day will be sent home or asked to rest in the Health Center until they have arranged transportation. Day students should contact the Health Center if they are absent from school due to an illness or injury.

Medication Management

Student medication is administered and managed by the Student Health Center staff. All medications must be kept in the Health Center with the exception of inhalers, EpiPens, face washes/creams and birth control. It is the student's responsibility to report to the Health Center for daily prescription medication administration. 

Over the counter medication is available to all students at the Health Center. Students are not allowed to have prescription medication or over-the-counter medication in their rooms unless cleared by the Health Center staff.

Athletic Training

Certified Athletic Trainers are available after-school and during practices and games both on weekdays and weekends to support our student-athletes. Our Athletic Trainers encourage students to become the center of their recovery and involve them in the decision-making process whenever possible.

Athletic Trainers work closely with coaches, students, and the Health Center to provide:

  • Care and prevention of athletic injuries

  • Rehabilitation of existing sport injuries

  • Athletic training assistance at all home contests

  • Concussion management and education

Athletic Trainers work closely with the Student Health Center in regards to coordinating referrals, visits, and follow-up care with physicians, physical therapists, orthopedic specialists and other area specialists as needed. read more about Athletic training at Hebron

Concussion Management

Hebron Academy recognizes the growing concerns about and awareness of concussion management and strives to maintain a healthy environment for all student-athletes. Students with signs and symptoms of a concussion are removed from play and assessed by a licensed medical professional specializing in concussion management. Once diagnosed with a concussion, students follow a concussion protocol that supports both physical and mental health. Students work closely with an academic concussion manager who develops an academic concussion protocol during their recovery.

Counseling Services

Hebron has a supportive community of faculty who attend to the needs of the whole student, mind, body, and spirit, and who recognize when a student needs mental health or wellness support. We have a responsive group of administrators who meet regularly for Student Support Team Meetings, which keeps student strengths in the forefront while attending to their challenges and growth areas.

Our Director of Mental Health and Wellness, Amanda Miller, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who collaborates with admissions and is active in transition planning to prepare incoming students and families for a smooth adjustment to our supportive traditional boarding school community.

Mrs. Miller provides open-office hours on a daily basis for walk-ins and is available 24/7 on-call for urgent needs. She is a liaison for parents and a point-person for families to check in about topics related to student mental health and wellness.

If desired, Mrs. Miller consults and collaborates with current and previous therapists and health providers at all levels of care. School-based mental health counseling is available through our Student Health Center. Hebron contracts with an experienced adolescent psychiatrist to provide medication management evaluations and monitoring.

Wellness Programming

Wellness programming is integral to new student orientation and the on-boarding process, with special attention paid to mid-year and non-traditional times of enrollment. Wellness programming is woven into all aspects of life at Hebron, including residential life, Academic Guidance Center supports, special events, advisory meetings, class meetings, health education, and athletics.

Wellness is a primary focus of professional development at Hebron, through which we aim to empower our faculty with increased awareness of mental health and wellness topics.

The Director of Mental Health and Wellness provides regular wellness check-ins for all students with known mental health and wellness needs and provides daily check-ins as needed with all
students transitioning from a higher level of care. Topics of wellness programming include: mindfulness-based stress management, self-care, nutrition for mental wellness, sleep hygiene, holistic approaches to improve executive functioning, substance dependency prevention, boundaries with technology/screen time, sexual health, positive body image, relationship violence prevention, LGBTQ+ awareness, diversity, and social justice issues pertaining to safety in school.

Nursing Staff

Jen Godomsky, R.N.

Jen Godomsky, R.N.
Director of Health Services

Cheryl Tardif, R.N.

Cheryl Tardif, R.N.
Student Health Center

Fleur Vining, R.N.

Fleur Vining, R.N.
Student Health Center

Mental Health & Wellness Staff

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Health & Wellness Center Hours
Weekdays 7:00am-6:30pm
Weekends 10:00am-12:00pm

A registered nurse is on call for all after hour questions and emergencies.

Family Practice Physician Visits & Appointments
Monday 4:30pm
Thursday 7:30am

Phone and Fax: (207) 966-5247

Address: Hebron Academy 
                339 Paris Road 
                Hebron, Maine 04238

Health Forms

Hebron Academy utilizes the Magnus Health electronic medical records system for all health records. Parents can log into myHebron to access Magnus Health forms. All medical forms must be completed prior to the start of school.

Annual Physical

Yearly physical examinations are required for all students attending Hebron Academy. 


Detailed immunization records are required prior to the start of school. The following immunizations  are required before entering Hebron Academy:

  • Two MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella)
  • Five Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis with a booster within 10 years
  • Four Polio
  • One Varicella or reliable history of disease
  • Two Meningococcal Conjugate MCV4 (only one is required if the first is given after the 16th birthday)
For those exempt from immunizations for a medical, religious or philosophical reason a letter documenting this will be required.