Hebron's residential LIFE program uses real life situations to teach life lessons with an intential curriculum that focuses on developing study and health habits for life. 

Ashley LeBlanc, Dean of Students
Hebron Academy's residential life program forms the crux of the school community, placing strong emphasis on mutual respect, self-discipline, and concern for others. Faculty work to create a friendly, inclusive atmosphere that nurtures the needs of students, while promoting a healthy environment conducive to learning.

Students learn important skills that help prepare them for living on their own in college. Dorm parents continually advise students on time management, healthy eating and sleep habits, self-care, and inter-personal communication.

Day students are encouraged to participate in dorm activities, including weekend trips, and may stay overnight in the residence halls with permission.

Home and Family in Hebron

The benefits of dorm life are immense and a cornerstone of the Hebron experience. Residential living offers:
  • Unique relationships with peers and dorm parents that establish deep, genuine connections transcending the academic environment
  • Structured study halls to nurture proactive learning and strong academic habits
  • Weekly family style dining that simulates home life for many students
  • Curfew and lights out times that implement structure and encourage appropriate time management skills and healthy sleep habits
  • Dorm activities, such as make-your-own pizza night, fine dining night, birthday celebrations, holiday gatherings, spa nights, games & competitions  
  • Caring for "home" with rotating chores for students to clean and maintain the dorms
  • Periodic programs on health and safety
  • Community service projects

A Day in the Life...

7:00am               Wake up, shower, get ready for school.
7:30am               Eat in Dining Hall
7:45-8:30am       Chorus/Orchestra
8:30-9:30am       Latin III
9:30-10:15am     Chemistry
10:15-10:45am   School Meeting
10:45-11:45am   Comparative Literature
11:45-12:30pm   AP US History
12:30-1:30pm     Lunch/Club Meetings/Extra Help Sessions
1:30-2:30pm       Free period
2:30-3:15pm       Sculpture
3:45-5:30pm       Athletic Practices
5:45-6:30pm       Eat Dinner
7:30-9:30pm       Study Hall
9:30-10:30pm     Hang out in dorm with friends
10:30-11:00pm   Get ready for bed
11:00pm             Lights out
When it comes to Hebron Academy's Residential Program, LIFE is about enjoying a full experience within our community. The mission of this program is to assist students with establishing and cultivating successful relationships. Through modeling respect and setting expectations about community living, Hebron Academy offers a residential experience based on trust, tolerance, and personal responsibility. 

Experiential learning is the core of the program. Through guidelines, games and goal setting, students experience a fun and comfortable approach to developing quality social interactions. Life-long habits are formed including improved self-awareness, self-discipline and personal care.

Hebron Academy Dorms

Halford Dormitory - Home to all girl boarders.
Atwood Hall - Houses boys in grade 9 and for sophomores who are new to Hebron.
Sturtevant Home - Residence for boys in grades 10, 11, 12 and postgraduate.

Hebron faculty, who live on each floor of the residence hall, double as dorm parents. There are also common rooms with a TV and microwave located on each floor.
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Hebron Academy is a small, private, co-ed college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades six through postgraduate located in Hebron Maine. Students from across the United States and around the world are challenged and inspired to reach their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit through small classes, knowledgeable and caring teachers who provide individual attention, and a friendly, respectful, family atmosphere.