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Counseling Services

At Hebron, we are committed to educating the whole student.  We provide integrated wellness education and individual coaching to   support students to make informed and healthy life choices. Our comprehensive mental health services include counseling with our on-site therapist, psychiatry, skills groups, and 24/7 access to a school counselor.

Hebron’s mission emphasizes cultivating a culture of trust, respect for self and others, and inclusion. The resulting warm, welcoming, and nurturing community provides a strong foundation of support and enables our focus on mental health and wellness promotion to permeate broadly throughout our students’ experience.

By teaching life skills, promoting social connectedness, identifying students at risk, encouraging health-seeking behaviors, and providing evidenced-based mental health services, we support the comprehensive mental health needs of our student body.

Along with the effectiveness of the supports available, care and consideration are maintained to ensure easy access, without stigma, for all.

We partner with you as you strive to achieve your academic goals by cultivating your overall wellness.

Our Mission

To Educate


To Care


To Empower

Therapy is not something I would have ever considered due to my ego. I was an athlete and thought that was my way to escape. Unfortunately, it was not enough, with the pressure of school and sports and the demons from my past I started struggling. With no options, I went to Mrs. Miller and she got me into therapy. Through therapy, I learned ways to cope with anxiety. The support I received truly helped me open my eyes and change my perspective. It helped me figure out what was important to me. Without Hebron, I wouldn’t have been able to start my healing process.

- male student '20

Both Mikel and Dr. Daigle have been such big help. Every week that I had counseling or a psychiatric appointment I knew I could go to them and let it all out and it was all private. I felt that they have always been there for me and they know just what to do and say to help me out. They have supported me all year and I appreciate it very much, I’m glad I had such good people to go to who genuinely cared about how I felt.

- female student '22

Amanda, as Director of Mental Health and Wellness, has been a strong source of support for my husband and I as we transitioned our son to begin at Hebron. During the first few months of his boarding experience, Amanda was particularly helpful to our family and eased any worries and fears we had. She followed up regularly with his dorm parent and the process was there to give us general feedback on how he was adjusting socially. Amanda gave us invaluable advice on how to support our son from afar. She was reliable and very trustworthy.

- parent '21, brooklyn, ny