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It's the Weekend!

Life at Hebron is busy and weekends are no exception.

Weekends are some of the busiest times as the Community Life Team plans activities for students throughout the year, including special events, sports tournaments, activities in the dorm and more. Community Life enlists the help of students in coming up with fresh and engaging options, including weekend trips, concerts, professional sporting events and more. 

Weekend events have included a hypnotist, Prom, Mountain Day, Harry Potter Dinner, Casino Night and excursions to Portland, Boston and beyond. What do you want to do on the weekends? Bring your creative ideas and help brainstorm weekend activities! 

Try Something New

Mountain Day offers the opportunity to embrace the beauty of Maine winters. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, or snow-tubing down the slopes, you are sure to have a blast surrounded by your Hebron family!

Getting in the Festive Spirit

Who says campfires are for the summer?!  Whatever the season, Lumberjacks are always up for a get together around the campfire - and probably some festive songs to go with it!

It's Time to Party!

Prom, casino night, and more provide the perfect excuse to dress to the nines. Special events are big occasions at Hebron and everyone gets in the spirit of things. 

Embrace the Outdoors

Take advantage of Hebron's location to experience the great outdoors. Sleep in a tent, eat around a campfire and unplug.

Get your skates on!

Whether you're a wizz on the ice or happier on stable ground, you'll still find your place at Hebron - it's all about having a go and spending time with your friends.  And who knows - maybe developing a new skill along the way...

Countless Activities!

Being a Lumberjack

Being a Lumberjack is about so much more than Athletics...


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