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Career Connection Seminars

Hebron Academy is committed to equipping its students with life skills that transcend classroom walls.Hebron graduates will be required to navigate rapidly evolving professional, economic and social climates to become informed and prepared global citizens. 

The Career Connection Seminars are a day of networking and discussion opportunities for Hebron seniors and postgraduates. Small audiences promote lively conversation among participants. The day includes:

  • A keynote presentation 
  • Sessions dedicated to a career-related topic 
  • Speaker reception 
  • Dinner and closing remarks 

Career Day is an incredibly important experience for Hebron seniors. By providing an early opportunity for students to build out networks of career boosters and mentors, these almost-graduates are given an invaluable head start.

- Noah Love ‘07

2022 Guest Speakers

Lily Bourget '13

Jaime Fey '02

Myles Horn '15

Noah Love '10

Emily Powers '10

Louise Roy '05

Nick Roy '10

Michael Simms '08

Taylor Theriault '11

We invite you to be part of Hebron Academy’s Robert J. Ryan ’77 Career Connection Seminars!

Our aim is to initiate an ongoing dialogue between Hebron students and alumni that will serve our soon-to-be graduates in the broader context of networking and career advancement. The best sessions tend to be conversations and often center on the speakers’ career path, including their biggest successes as well as challenges faced along the way. The success of the CCS depends on your participation, so thank you in advance.

For more information, please contact Beverly Roy at or 207.966.5266