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Familiar Faces on Campus!

Familiar Faces on Campus!

We had great visits from alums this fall!  Come back anytime.  We love to give tours and hear about your time at Hebron. 

In September,  Martin Brown ‘85 visited with his wife Sarah. Martin spoke about how much the school meant to him over his four years. Great lacrosse stories and spirited leadership in adopting “skirts” as a protest to the no shorts policy his senior year!  

In early October, Nil Devine ‘95  Nils came to campus and hiked the familiar Hebron trails from his time in "Scholars in Nature." SIN was a forerunner of Hebron's current outdoor program and Nils loved the program. He was able to find the "secret" campfire spot on his trek bringing back memories of late night excursions during the ice storm. 

In late October, Karen Hutchins ‘80 visited with her husband Dan. It was the first time she had been back on campus since she graduated! A Sherman Award winner and star athlete, she expressed sincere thanks to all the teachers who helped in her time at Hebron.She has moved back to Maine and is looking forward to Homecoming next fall.